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Information Technology

Skill Enhancement & Development (SED)

Menzo Technologies Corp

Skill Enhancement & Development (SED)

Current Market conditions require each individual to keep their skills up to date to cope up with fast moving IT World. Menzo Technologies Corp bridge the gap via our Skill enhancement & Development experts who trains best in their respective field.

Our Skill enhancement & Development (SED) initiatives are developed with a lot of thought process put behind it by a team of experts to keep consultants unique and best in competitive world. We designed a learning & Development initiative, by strategically tailored as per market need.

Menzo Technologies Corp proactively identifies the best IT talent candidates across the globe and mould their skills by exposing them to latest technologies in market to fit with our clients need.

We aim at providing a good work environment while inculcating the freedom to work and foster your skills further. Our assistance and technology enables a work structure that boosts your career and shapes it to achieve success and professionalism in your work. We offer you a large spectrum of work profiles that provide you the opportunity to working in the software development and delivery teams or quality and testing teams as per your wish to provide you the best of career opportunities in the ever growing IT market

MOur Skill Enhancement & Development

We’ll help ensure the success of your learning initiatives with robust services. Our Skill Enhancement & Development (SED) trainings Include:

  • Web Development
  • Migrations & Deployments
  • ERP Functional & Technical
  • Business Analysis
  • BI Tools (Developing & Admin)
  • Project Management
  • Systems Lifecycle Planning
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Systems Architecture and Design
  • Cloud Computing technologies
  • Systems & Web Administrations